The Tao of Ken

Some people say one San Diego man's Facebook postings are the funniest they have seen -- some say they're just very droll. What do you think?

"Ken dented his front bumper, but if he keeps his shirt buttoned, probably no one will notice" -- Feb. 1, 2009

"Ken is really tired of this nonstop rainy weather, totally bummed that it's Friday, and wishes there was a good football game or something on TV this weekend -- posted on the Friday before the Super Bowl

"Ken is pleased to announce his horse had octuplets, and all are in 'stable' condition"

"Ken is racing to Sleep Train to check out the new line of 2009 mattresses, as he cannot imagine dozing on a 2008 model!"

"Ken managed to get tickets to The Insecticide and Fumigant Expo at The Convention Center this weekend. Really just looking, though. Not ready to buy"

"Ken has invented a combination urinal/television, but is still trying to perfect a "hands free" remote control"

"Ken wishes to apologize to all meat cutters for his sausage remark at Monday's news conference, and for not staying to help with clean-up thereafter"

"Ken is feeding his backyard birds scraps of multi-grain bread, which should promote avian colon health"

"Ken has discovered the hard way that there is NO difference between "flammable" and inflammable"

So what's the verdict.? Leave a comment below.

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