Tenants of Little Italy Condoplex Annoyed at New Package Handling Fee

When packages are delivered to the Acqua Vista Condos on Beech Street in Little Italy, the packages go to a mail room where tenants then pick them up.

Recently, tenants were notified that they would have to pay a handling fee if they received more than 10 packages a month, leaving some residents a little annoyed.

The policy states in part “Each residential unit will be allowed ten package deliveries per month at no charge. Starting with the 11th package in that month, the (homeowner's) Association will charge a two dollar per package handling fee through the end of that month, where (sic) the process will reset. A 25 dollar handling fee will be assessed for any package/delivery weighing 30 pounds or more..”

"It’s just ridiculous,” said one tenant who did not want to be identified. “It’s absolutely absurd. Everyone is moving to automation…Truly, I do every amount of shopping on the internet.”

Tenant, Jake Achee agreed.

“Especially in this day and age, a lot of people are shopping online, so ten isn't out of the realm of possibility for any given month," said Achee who, like so many busy, working people, gets a lot of packages delivered. “Groceries, prescription services. I even see some tenants, they receive meal kits for cooking at home. A lot of people are doing that, they have hectic and busy schedules.”

But tenant Tom Kaeley said he did not have any strong feelings against the new rule. He said the room used for sorting packages is not very large and
"some people order quite large packages… it just infringes on everybody else when one person uses up so much space.”

Tenant Pete Ruggerello said there is a lot of waste put in the bins probably due to the number of packages. He wonders if that is the issue for the HOA.

“I can see both sides," Ruggerello said. "I can see for convenience, but if they really want convenience maybe they should pay a little extra, I don’t know.”

Neither the management nor the homeowners association would comment.

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