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Temporary Homeless Shelters to Go Up in Three San Diego Locations

Three temporary shelters to house the homeless community and help them get back up on their feet are going up across the city of San Diego--in Midway, Barrio Logan and East Village.

The locations were revealed by the San Diego Padres managing director Peter Seidler on Monday.

Seilder has donated $2 million of his own money towards the project and is now partnering up with the non-profit Lucky Duck Foundation, which will now dedicate all of its funds to the homeless crisis.

"Apartments, converted motels--there's a whole bunch of creative concepts that are being studied or worked on, not just here but in other cities, tiny houses or things like that," Seilder said.

Each tent will be run by local non-profits, who will provide transitional services like health care, counseling, and drug rehab programs.

But while everyone hopes to find a solution to the homeless crisis in San Diego, not everyone is happy the tents are opening in their neighborhood.

Jimmy Roberts, who told NBC 7 he had been homeless, said he understands the need for the shelters. He spent 6 years on the streets and 12 years waiting for affordable housing.

Roberts said that for some nearby residents, the location of one of the shelters was a little too close to a school.

"I don't know what they are going to put in there...they definitely haven’t made a decision yet," Roberts said. "But last time they were here, they said it was going to be for families and it turned out to be everybody who was homeless and it made a lot of parents at the school very upset."

But Councilmember David Alvarez said the cost of taking care of these individuals is too high.

The locations are the following:

  • 2801 Sports Area Boulevard in Midway
  • 16th Street and Newton Avenue in Barrio Logan
  • 1402 Commercial Street near the trolley station in the East Village

The tents could open by the end of November.

The Housing Authority and San Diego City Council will vote on the agreement for operations and services at the shelters on Tuesday.

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