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Rancho Bernardo Community Upset Over Proposed Placement of Sexually Violent Predator

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State hospital officials have proposed placing a 78-year-old man classified as a sexually violent predator at a supervised home in Rancho Bernardo, it was announced Wednesday.

Douglas Badger has been recommended for conditional release into a home at 17836 Frondoso Drive. A court hearing on the merits of the proposed location is set for Oct. 29, during which the public may weigh in on whether the location is appropriate.

Parents rallied against the placement of a sexually violent predator in their neighborhood. NBC 7's Dana Griffin has the story.

"Kids fill these streets," resident Jeff Grace said. "There's got to be a better location. Douglas Badger just does not fit in here. Serious threat."

Badger was convicted of offenses that include child molestation, kidnapping and forcible oral copulation, with his victims predominately being male strangers, many of them hitchhikers, according to the San Diego County District Attorney's Office.

Badger is classified as a sexually violent predator, a designation for those convicted of sexually violent offenses and diagnosed with a mental disorder that makes them likely to re-offend. After serving their prison sentences, SVPs may undergo treatment at state hospitals, but may also petition courts to continue treatment in supervised outpatient locations.

"My parents' yard leads almost right up to [the house]," neighbor Channing Hughes said. "We can see each other all day hanging out, so it's definitely uncomfortable."

Badger petitioned for release into the Conditional Release Program for sex offenders and was granted conditional release earlier this year.

He was previously recommended for release into a home in the Mount Helix neighborhood, which drew considerable pushback from residents. Earlier this year, a judge ruled against placing Badger there.

"I'm all about rehabilitation. I'm all about a second chance, but I think it's done in an area where there isn't a temptation," neighbor Saraha Garbinger said.

NBC 7 called the couple who owns the home Badger would be moved to, but they didn't answer. We also visited their primary residence in Poway and were told to leave by a woman who threatened to bring out a rifle.

In addition to the October placement hearing in a downtown San Diego courtroom, public comments will be accepted between Sept. 30 and Oct. 14 regarding the placement.

Those comments may be submitted by calling (858) 495-3619, or emailing sdsafe@sdsheriff.org. Comments can also be mailed to: SVP Release/SAFE Task Force, 9425 Chesapeake Drive, San Diego, CA 92123.

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