San Diego

Teen Driver Loses Control and Crashes Trying to Admonish Another Reckless Driver

A teen driver has quite the story to tell after losing control of his car and crashing, all while trying to tell another driver to stop being so reckless.

The accident happened along Olympic Parkway near Brandywine Avenue in Chula Vista. Fortunately, there was more damage to report than injuries.

Dante Briseno, 16, crashed through a split rail fence, destroying about 60 feet of it. His car came to rest on its side in the bushes and was totaled.

Though he appeared no worse for wear after the crash, he was angry more than anything at the driver he was trying to correct.

"I tell him don't be doing that around here no more, he could have killed somebody with that,” Briseno said.

The Otay Ranch High School junior said he was headed eastbound on Olympic Parkway after lacrosse practice when another car came up on him quickly, then passed within what seemed like a few inches of his car.

Briseno says he tried to catch up to the driver to tell him to slow down, but he lost control of his 98 Mercury Sable at the turn and hit the fence.

It is a memorable lesson for a young driver without the consequences of serious injuries.

Several large-sized pieces of the fence were scattered in the street and along the walking path. Because tomorrow is the earliest the city can make repairs, police spent time after the investigation clearing the debris.

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