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Teen Crashes BMW Leaving Gaping Hole in Carmel Valley Home

A teenager on his way back to an end of summer party in Carmel Valley crashed his BMW through the wall of a house, leaving the homeowner and witnesses shocked.

The accident happened at the corner of Lopelia Meadows place and Golden Lily Way at around 5:30 p.m.

The teen was making a right turn from Lopelia Meadows onto Golden Lily when he apparently lost control, jumped the curb, drove through some shrubs, and crashed into the home on the corner lot.

Security video from across the street caught the entire accident. Witnesses say the car was traveling above the speed limit.

Greta Morchel lives next to the damaged home.

"We see cars speeding through here all the time," she said.

One piece of evidence, or lack there of, caught her attention.

"There are no skid marks here and you can see he did not even flinch at that stop sign," Morchel said.

The impact of the crash was so great that both front seat airbags in the BMW deployed.

No injuries were reported, but the BMW left a massive hole in what appeared to be a storage room in the home. The luxury sedan ended up wedged more than half way into the wall with its back tires off the ground.

Witnesses said a group of around 15 friends were having an innocent get together nearby to celebrate the end of the summer.

The driver of the vehicle was detained but police could not say whether he was cited for the accident.

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