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Talking About Trump a Year After Election

On a Tuesday after the first Monday last November, Americans were going to the polls.

President Donald Trump didn’t win the popular vote for the presidency, but he carried one precinct in Alpine by a 70 percent majority.

Alpine is ultra "red state" country in California's 50th Congressional District.

A year later, it wasn't hard to find voters there who are happy that he's in the White House.

More so, a much smaller minority who aren’t.

"I think he's doing what he said he would do, and he's trying to do it," said Alpine resident Larry Freeland in an interview outside a popular coffee shop. "He’s got a lot of opposition, that's all. I think he'll get it all done."

That, more or less, was the consensus among East County residents who shared their thoughts about the 45th President with NBC 7 Tuesday.

Sure, Trump has upset much of the media and the "liberal establishment".

But didn't he vow to shake things up?

While his admirers insisted they can see past Trump’s blunt talk and early missteps as chief executive, his critics think he's unfit for the office.

Even though Alpine resident John Whalen voted for Trump, he sees room for improvement.

"President Trump, being a former businessman, needs to learn the job," Whalen said. "And he needs to stop dividing the country and begin to unite the country."

Will Trump be re-elected?

"I think right now he would be," said Descanso resident Vicky Jones. "As time goes by, if the economy doesn't turn around as people thought it was going to, he might not get re-elected."

Alpine resident Jeri Nevadomsky could barely contain her frustration talking about Trump.

"People are going crazy because they know it's the beginning of the end," she declared. "Nixon was impeached for less. Nixon hid tapes. Big deal. Big deal!"

For the record, President Nixon was not impeached.

The House Judiciary Committee approved three articles of impeachment against him.

But he resigned before the full House of Representatives voted on them.

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