Sundance Rises Again

Horses of Tir Na Nog came to the rescue of a stray found in remote East County in April.

Nobody sure's where Sundance came from, but it seems possible the tanking economy may have had something to with the horse's abandonment.

"While we aren't sure if the bad economy was the reason this horse was abandoned, it seems that horses are being neglected or abandoned throughout the state and the country," said John Carlson, the county's deputy director of animal services.

Sundance, who was named by his county caretakers, recovered considerably since he was found.

"We discovered that he had several problems related to neglect," Carlson said. "He was underweight, his hooves needed care, and he has some very worrisome ligament problems in his legs."

Tir Na Nog relies on donations to feed and shelter the animals in its care.

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