Students Sharpen Culinary Skills at the Prado

Culinary high school students worked with the staff at the Prado Restaurant in Balboa Park this week to cook and serve a banquet for 300 people.

More than 70 students had a hand in everything from brining the turkey to baking desserts like brownies, pecan pie and pumpkin pie before the luncheon held Wednesday.

The stuffing served was created using herbs from the school’s garden.

“It’s great training. Just wonderful training,” said Arlyn Hackett, Culinary Arts and Hospitality Instructor at Garfield High School.

At the same time, the luncheon helps raise thousands of dollars to help fund school projects.

It’s one of the longest running school fundraisers in the city, Hackett said.

The restaurant supports the program by assigning chefs and dining room staff to train the students before the annual luncheon.

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