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Scripps Ranch High School Continues Search for New Principal Amid AP Exam Controversy

"I'm very disappointed they haven't been able to find a principal who can come in, handle the situation and be a strong leader," said Gloria Tran, a Scripps Ranch High School parent

Scripps Ranch High School is searching for a new principal, while students and parents are still dealing with the aftermath of canceled AP exam test scores.

A botched AP exam session resulted in the cancellations of students' test scores in June. Now, some parents believe the lack of leadership at the high school could cause further problems.

"Right now, Scripps Ranch High School needs solid leadership with the AP scandal going on, construction going on," said Gloria Tran, the parent of a student at the school. "I think it's a little bit difficult to bring in two people temporarily who know little about the community or school to lead the school."

Currently, there is not a permanent principal to replace the one who retired back in June, according to the school district.

"They knew quite a few months ago that our principal was retiring, so I would think in that time frame they would have found a principal," said Tran.

Instead, there will be two interim principals when school starts in September. School officials said the two interim principals are experienced administrators who are coming back from retirement. After a review of the first round of applicants, no viable candidates were identified, according to the district.

"We have brought in experienced retired administrators who know the word of a school," said Acacia Thede for the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD). "It has to do with the type of candidates that come forward. Not everyone is a right match."

Some parents are not pleased with the decision and believe that it's not a satisfactory solution to have two interim principals.

District officials said that Scripps Ranch High School is one of 13 schools that had principals retire in June. La Jolla High School and Serra High School were left without principals for months.

There are currently two other schools in the district that do not have principals because their staff members moved to new jobs, as well as two high schools without permanent principals due to retirements.

Some parents at Scripps Ranch High School said they are pushing for a permanent principal who will take charge and help get their children's AP test scores released.

District officials said they cannot rush to fill the positions.

The administrator shortage can take months to fill, as the district searches for an experienced leader.

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