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String of Robberies Near SDSU Making Students Nervous

Two robberies happened in one day along Montezuma Road, police said.

A string of robberies near San Diego State University has left students in the College Area concerned about their safety. 

"Something like that is scary," said Nathan Yick, an Advertising and French major at SDSU. "It just goes to show how dangerous this neighborhood can be." 

There have been over five robberies in the last two weeks, according to police. On Saturday, two robberies happened just one block apart. 

The first one was after midnight at East Falls View Drive and Montezuma Road. According to police, a group of five to six suspects stole two cell phones and a necklace from three people. One victim had minor injuries.

The suspects did not have weapons and are still on the loose, police said. 

Then, just after 11 a.m. that same day, another robbery happened on 63rd Street and Montezuma Road. According to investigators, a man with a knife stole cash and a backpack from a pedestrian. 

The suspect then ran down Montezuma Road and jumped into a neighbor's backyard, police said. He is still at large. The victim was not hurt. 

"I've been here four years and it's been common news just every once in a while someone gets robbed," said Austin Greene, a senior at SDSU. "You have to watch your back. It is scary." 

Anyone with information about the suspects either of the cases is encouraged to call the San Diego Police Department. 

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