Storm May Break Rain Record in San Diego

In two days, we've received as much rain as we have in the wettest May on record.

Robert Chartier

The double-barreled wintry storm that swept San Diego this week may also be a record breaker by the time it’s over.

In two days, we've received almost as much rain as we have in the wettest May on record, according to NBC 7's Meteorologist Jodi Kodesh

Historically, May is not a month in which San Diego sees a lot of rain. The current record precipitation for the entire month is 2.54 inches. In two days, San Diego has received 2.14 inches of rain. If we continue to get consistent showers through the day, we could see the record shattered.

And when it comes to the last 24 hour rainfall totals, nine of the top 10 highest totals as of 9 a.m. Friday were from San Diego County.

The rare spring storm arrived into Southern California Thursday and Friday bringing heavy winds, snow in the mountains and the possibility of hail and lightning.

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