Stop and Smell the Sunflowers: Carlsbad Artist's New Project Pops Up in Community

Locals can find the sunflower pots outside area restaurants, businesses and popular sidewalks

Susanna Kurrner

North County residents are invited to spot sunflowers placed around Carlsbad Village by a local artist who is encouraging the community to seek out things that are often overlooked.

Artist Bryan Snyder began to germinate sunflower seeds a few months ago, and once they began to stand proud and tall, he decided to place the more than 30 pots around the village. One by one, the sunflower pots began to pop up in unexpected places like local restaurants, businesses and popular sidewalks.

Snyder said he was inspired to create this project to make a visual record of Carlsbad Village, which he has cited as his muse, during the historic time in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. He also wanted to bring joy to his beloved community with flowers that he believes are the happiest.

“We mask our emotions in an attempt to find normalcy; We mask our faces in an attempt to stay healthy,” Snyder said in a statement. “I want to add a smile under our masks, both literally and emotionally. I think we can all use it right now.”

Pictures: Carlsbad Artist's New Project Plants Smiles on Locals' Faces

The local artist has created public art projects in the village for more than a decade.

“Each project has played a role in my mission to help encourage a more artistic culture, strengthen community and stimulate local economic growth, and through these projects, I have made some of my most cherished friendships,” he continued in the statement. “The well-being of our community is incredibly important to me.”

So the next time you’re around Carlsbad Village, stop and smell the roses – or in this case, sunflowers.

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