Prayer For Ukraine: Spring Valley Ukrainian Church Hosts Vigil

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Whether you have a personal connection to Ukraine or not, it’s difficult to watch what’s unfolding day after day.

Thursday night, dozens gathered to pray at St. Mary Protectress Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Spring Valley for that very reason.

As a war progresses so far away from home, churchgoers found comfort keeping their prayers and their loved ones close to their hearts.

Yulia Truelove moved to the United States six months ago with her husband Daniel. They met abroad.

She told NBC 7 it's been agonizing to watch Russian forces move into Ukraine and cause destruction and death. Every day, she hears sad stories over the phone from her mother back in Ukraine.

"People are dying. Kids are dying. We are struggling with food. We are struggling with surviving. I'm not talking about a good life, I'm talking about surviving. We have kids being born in the bunkers," she said.

Gathering for events like Thursday night's prayer is one way Truelove can feel connected to her home country.

"I would like to be in Ukraine with my family. Because all my family and my friends are there. Even my friend, he’s military and he’s fighting right now. I texted him five days ago and hopefully he’s OK. Hope he’s in a good place ... It’s a war.”

The church was accepting donations that would go to Ukraine to provide aid.

Information about future events can be found at the House of Ukraine website.

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