San Diego

Some Southwest Flights in San Diego Delayed, Canceled as Airline Experiences Maintenance Problems

Nearly a dozen Southwest Airlines flights to and from San Diego were delayed or canceled Wednesday as the airline experienced another uptick in out-of-service aircraft. 

Four flights into San Diego International Airport (SAN) and five flights out of SAN were delayed or canceled Wednesday morning, according to the airport's flight tracker

Southwest said about 80 of the airline's 4,000 scheduled flights were affected by out-of-service aircraft. The number of maintenance-related cancelations and delays was more than double the average daily number.

It was not clear if any of the flights to or from San Diego were directly affected by these maintenance problems. The majority of the flights affected were to San Fransisco, where a slow-moving atmospheric river was soaking Bay Area. 

Other San Diego flights affected connected to Dallas, Texas. Southwest Airlines said additional flights in Texas, Denver and the Florida Panhandle area were canceled due to heavy fog and thunderstorms.

Last week, Southwest Airlines grounded about 4 percent of its operating flights due to a combination of poor weather and out-of-service Boeing 737s. 

The airline declared an "operational emergency" on Feb. 16 due to the number of planes with maintenance problems. During the emergency, mechanics would be required to prove with a doctors note any sick time because the airline needed "all hands on deck." 

There has been "no common theme" among the problems with the aircraft, it said.

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