Dogs Allowed in Solana Beach

Solana Beach City Council approved access for leashed dogs along a section of sand

Solana Beach is welcoming dogs, provided they’re leashed.

Dogs will be allowed on beaches where they were previously banned according to an ordinance approved by the City Council Wednesday night.

After a second reading, dog owners will legally be able to take their pets on a beach stroll between the Tide Beach Park steps and Del Mar Shores steps.

David Winkler and his dog Hula were among those proposing the new city ordinance.

Winkler said it was the danger of nearby Highway 101 that prompted him to make the suggestion a year ago.

His niece and his friend each had dogs killed along the busy road.

Opening up the sand in this stretch of beach will give pet owners a safe passageway to dog-friendly beaches nearby, Winkler said.

The city council will review the new law after a year and make whatever revisions may be needed.

Winkler warns pet owners to make sure their dogs are leashed and to clean up after them.

“It will be critical for people to obey the law,” Winkler said. “If we don’t, there is some possibility that the Council will revoke the law.”

Fines will be upwards of $500 after several violations, he added.

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