North County

Solana Beach City Council Votes to Keep Red Light Cameras

Solana Beach put the cameras in about 13 years ago to try and cut down on crashes.

Red light cameras will stay on at two intersections in the North County.

Solana Beach installed the cameras in 2004 to try and cut down on crashes and improve overall traffic safety.

Now, the Solana Beach City Council has extended the contract for another five years.

According to data from the Sheriff's Department, accidents have cut down by 61 percent at Lomas Santa Fe and Solana Hills. At the intersection with Highway 101, accidents have dropped by nearly 30 percent.

Just in the short time from January to August, about 6 million cars crossed the Redflex sensors and over 2,000 citations were issued, according to Redflex Traffic Systems data.

Those citations were a part of the $300,000 the city took in from traffic tickets within the past year.

While there are no plans for facial recognition enhancements to be added to the cameras, part of this five-year contract will include the upkeep of the cameras at both intersections so they can continue taking pictures and videos when a car drives through a red light. 

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