SoCal Teens Arrested in Plot to Shoot Up School

West Covina Police said two teenage boys arrested Thursday planned to open fire on fellow students at a high school assembly.

Cops said they investigated the theft of two handguns from a West Covina home.  The police investigation revealed that a 16-year-old stepson of the theft victim had stolen the weapons about a month ago.

Police said the teen and his 15-year-old buddy planned to attack fellow students at Covina High School in Covina.
"Further investigation revealed the suspects discussed how they would take the guns to school during an assembly and start shooting at some future point in time.

"During the interview with the suspects they admitted they had no specific victims. 

"Both juveniles admitted to taking the guns on three separate occasions to school during school hours and this fact was corroborated by other witnesses," according to a news release issued by police Thursday night.

The teens were arrested and booked for burglary, possession of loaded/concealed firearm,  possession of loaded firearm on school campus and criminal threats.

The news released added "the Juvenile Court District Attorney will review the case for consideration of additional charges. The Juveniles are being held at Los Padrinos Juvenile hold and will attend court on Monday, May 4, 2009.

"Covina High School Administration and the Covina Police Department assisted in the investigation.  There are no additional suspects at this time.  Police and School officials are sharing with the public that the campus is safe."

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