Snow Surprises Some Just Days After Record Heat

Snow fell on Mount Laguna Monday night and Tuesday morning

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On March 23, several cities in San Diego County were flirting with record heat. One week later, campers on Mount Laguna were caught off guard when snow dismantled their tent.

“We were just getting used to the desert heat,” smirked Peter Staehr who is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail along with several others.

He said the sun was in full force as recently as Sunday. Cities like La Mesa saw temperatures hit the 90s last Wednesday. Staehr admitted being caught off guard by the snow Monday night.

"It’s a bit of a shock when suddenly you wake up and your tent is collapsing around you," he shivered.

Rain dumped on most of San Diego County Monday night and into Tuesday. Snow fell on the higher elevations like Mount Laguna.

“Last week we were at the beach. This week we’re at the snow,” smiled Courtney Fain as she held her young daughter in her arms.

The duo used a boogie board to sled down the snow that had not yet melted Tuesday morning. Fain said they used the boogie board at the beach just last week.

“A multipurpose tool in San Diego: Sledding, at the beach, whatever we need,” she smiled. “The weather’s very temperamental but I like it.”

“Well, I kind of prefer the desert because this was a mess,” said Staehr as he prepared to head out again on the trail.

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