ShamROCK 2009 Online

Hopefully you’re reading this with your koozie wrapped around an iced coffee or Bloody Mary. Did you need a little hair of the dog this morning?

A large crowd of partygoers packed into ShamROCK 2009 last night to enjoy the official beverages of Ireland. was one of the media sponsors of the event and had a photo booth at 6th and F. Check out some of the outfits in these pics.

Derek Togerson walked the green AstroTurf looking for funny, er fun, people. He’s a twisted bastard and asked blondes questions about history and economics. It was mean but it’s fun to watch the day after.

The men aren’t to be ignored either. If we had a dollar for every guy we saw wearing a “F$#@ Me I’m Irish” T-shirt or trying to pull off a fake Irish accent, we could visit Ireland in person.

Hope you had fun. We know we did! Check out all the coverage at ShamROCK 2009 Block Party Online.

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