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Tips for Parents: How to Help Students Succeed in Online Learning

Many school districts in San Diego County have already started the 2020-2021 school year with online learning, and the San Diego Unified School District will start its distance learning model on Aug. 31

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The first day of school is quickly approaching for the second-largest school district in California -- San Diego Unified. Like other local school districts, SDUSD will begin its year online, so here are some tips for parents as they set up their children for success.

Online education experts tell NBC 7 now is the time for parents to get prepared for virtual learning.

NBC 7 spoke with Dr. Pam Roggeman, Academic Dean for the University of Phoenix, on how parents can help get ready for the year. The university has some face-to-face campuses but the university is really known for its online campuses.

To start, Roggeman said it's a good idea for parents to reach out to their child's school to see what technology students will need to be equipped with for the school year, and also which programs students will be using.

Those programs and websites should be bookmarked, Roggeman said, so students are as prepared as possible for their online learning.

Also, parents should ask their child's teacher for clear expectations so everyone is on the same page. Roggeman said it's smart to focus on the short-term goals, for now, rather than long-term.

This will help keep kids engaged while learning from home. Roggeman said parents should be sure to celebrate any accomplishments to keep students motivated.

Also remember, there are some big benefits that come with online learning, like lots of technology at your child's fingertips.

“There are kids that naturally want to be creative using technology tools and they are going to find that they can be creative," Roggeman explained. "There are all kinds of apps and tools for kids to demonstrate mastery in learning that maybe they didn’t have access to inside the classroom."

She also told NBC 7 one easy thing that parents can do right now is to talk about the beginning of the school year in a positive way.

The more excited a parent is, the more excited kids will be.

The San Diego Unified School District's 2020-2021 school year begins with distance learning on Aug. 31.

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