Security Guard Bill Passes State Assembly

The reform bill was introduced after an NBC 7 investigation into the security guard industry

A bill inspired by an NBC 7 investigation into the security guard industry was passed in the California State Assembly Friday.

AB 1402 would require licensing, background checks and better training of security guards.

“If a guard or bouncer wears a uniform or performs a security role, they should meet minimum professional standards and pass background checks,” said Assemblyman Jim Cooper, author of the bill, in a statement. “AB 1042 would ensure individuals providing security services are properly trained and licensed.”

Recent incidents at concerts in San Francisco and with bouncers in San Diego have showed the need for more regulations.

An NBC 7 Investigates piece revealed the "underground industry" of unlicensed, untrained security guards in the county, where experts say buisnesses are hiring cheap officers and turning a blind eye to state requirements.

Click here to read the investigation that helped inspire AB 1402.

The bill was passed unanimously by the State Senate before it went in front of the Assembly.

Next it will go to the governor’s office. If passed by him it will go into effect in January 2017.

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