Security Footage Shows Man Burglarizing Sabre Springs Bakery

Security camera footage shows a bakery in Sabre Springs was burglarized overnight 

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Nutmeg Bakery & Cafe employees say when they arrived to begin their work day around 6 a.m. on Sunday, one of the front doors had been smashed in and there was glass everywhere. 

“These things hurt a small business like us,” said Drew Hoffos, the owner. 

Hoffos shared security footage with NBC 7 that shows a man wearing a hoodie breaking in around 3 a.m. 

“He runs in…rifling through everything..ransacking the place…pulling everything out of the shelves,” said Hoffos. 

Hoffos says the man first grabbed their cash drawer which only had about $80 inside. But then he returned and stole their large safe which had several thousand dollars inside. 

Hoffos added his wife manages retail inside the bakery. They and other employees are now on edge. 

“She was here two days ago by herself in the evening and called me on the phone and said just watch the cameras make sure I’m safe in here…and now that this has happened…yeah it’s scary,” he said. 

Several areas saw a rise in similar smash and grab robberies amid the pandemic. 

“I totally feel for people who are so desperate they feel like they have to turn to stuff like this. I would have given the guy the money if he really needed it that bad,” said Hoffos. 

Hoffos says their business will eventually be okay thanks to loyal customers who return for their signature baked treats and locally sourced ingredients.  

“If COVID’s taught us one thing it’s how to stay open…pivot and do whatever we have to do.”  

He just hopes this doesn’t happen to anyone else -- any person with additional information should reach out to the San Diego Police Department. 

Those wishing to help Nutmeg Bakery & Cafe can visit any of their three locations: Sabre Springs, Scripps and Mira Mesa. 

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