Sea Lion Bunks With Sleeping San Diego Sailor

A noisy stowaway woke Michael Duffy as he was docked at the San Diego Yacht Club on Saturday.

The San Diego sailor woke in the middle of the night to sneezing, but didn’t think much of it and went back to sleep.

He woke the next morning at 6 to a curious sea lion asleep on a bunk bed in his sailboat.

In adorable video captured by Duffy, you can hear him urging the sea lion to leave as he nudges the animal out of the boat.

“You gotta go, buddy,” he said.

Once the two got to the dock, Duffy had to move him into the water: “Hop in. Hop in,” he said. “Go. Go. Go. Good job.”

The sea lion then dove into the bay and swam off.

Over the past few months, wayward sea lions have emerged in a number of unusual spots in Southern California. In March, one hopped up on a surfboard in Cardiff.

And in April, a sea lion pup waddled to a high school in Imperial Beach.

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