SDSU Fraternity Shut Down for Violations

The Delta Sigma Phi fraternity at San Diego State University has been shut down, the university confirmed Tuesday.

The announcement comes in the midst of a string of reported sexual assaults on campus.

The Gamma Alpha chapter of Delta Sigma Phi was closed “as a result of a consistent pattern of policy violations that includes the harassment of a Take Back the Night March on Friday, November 21, 2014, as well as other significant hazing and alcohol misconduct issues,” SDSU said in a news release.

The university will also investigate individual members for possible Title IX and student code of conduct violations, according to the release.

One participant in the march, which was meant to stop violence against women, said people at parties shouted obscenities, threw eggs at the marchers and waived inappropriate objects as they passed. The SDSU Greek community voluntarily suspended all social activities after the incident.

The Delta Sigma Phi national office released a statement Monday, which read in part:

It recently became clear that certain members of Gamma Alpha Chapter have not maintained the integrity that our members deserve and that our history demands. A series of incidents highlighted behavior inconsistent with the high standards that have been synonymous with the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity at San Diego State University. After learning of widespread member misconduct issues, the National Fraternity determined it was not in the best interest of Delta Sigma Phi to continue operating Gamma Alpha Chapter. The Fraternity cannot, and will not, tolerate blatant disregard toward our policies and standards for members and chapters.

On Monday, the SDSU Greek community announced new sexual assault awareness training for fraternity and sorority members. All Greeks will be required to take online courses called "Agents of Change" on sexual violence, attend a week of presentations on the topic and participate in sexual assault prevention events, including Take Back the Night.

 Delta Sigma Phi could return to SDSU after the fall of 2016 if members adhere to these policies, according to an agreement between the university and the fraternity’s national office.

Since the start of the semester, 13 sexual assaults have been reported at San Diego State. Of those 13, seven of the alleged incidents happened at locations classified as a fraternity, according to data from the university.

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