San Diego

SDPD Investigating Child Luring Attempt at Park in Tierrasanta

A Tierrasanta mother has a warning for families after she says her daughter could have been kidnapped.

The alleged child luring attempt, which is what the San Diego Police Department has labeled the case, happened in the middle of the day Monday at a neighborhood park, but the girl was able to run away.

The girl’s mother, who wanted to remain unidentified, told NBC 7 San Diego her daughter was very close to home and with her dog when two men in a white van pulled up and then tried to talk to her. The mother posted about the incident on the Nextdoor app.

Neighbors like Jim Bogart heard about what happened, when a ”bald man” in the passenger's seat rolled down the window and waved then tried to lure the girl.

“Got something here you may be interested in. You can help me unload. Something to that effect,” said Bogart recounting the posting.

The girl's mother tells NBC 7 her daughter grabbed the dog and ran back home, locked the doors, and called her.

"Unsettling you know. A 10, 11-year-old girl should be able to play in the park without being harassed or potentially maybe abducted,” said Bogart.

The mother called police and investigators are looking into the incident. The man in the passenger seat is being described as bald with a tattoo on his neck.

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