SDPD Headquarters Evacuated Due to Alleged Threat

The San Diego Police Department's downtown headquarters were evacuated Thursday night after a man told them there were explosives in his vehicle. 

At about 10 p.m., a man parked in the headquarter's lot and ran inside, claiming someone had put explosives in his car. 

As officers checked the vehicle, others started clearing the building. 

When no explosives were found, the SDPD says the man changed his story, saying there was a black residue under his car. Officers say it was just oil. 

Investigators believe the man was under the influence of an illegal substance. 

The SDPD lieutenant on scene said there was a minor disruption getting everyone out, but at no time was 911 or dispatch interrupted. 

The suspect did not make any criminal threats, but officers say he could be charged with being under the influence. 

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