SDG&E Will Have Enough Resources to Meet Summer Power Demand, It Says

San Diego Gas and Electric will have enough resources to meet the power demand this summer, officials said at a conference Tuesday.

The company said it will use renewable energy to meet the increased demand, but still asks customers to conserve power in certain circumstances.

“Energy efficiency helps our customers save money throughout the year, and helps us as a region, continue to build a sustainable future,” said Victor Vala Plana, the vice president of customer services. 

During the summer, residents turn on their air conditioning more often, meaning a higher energy demand. With a lack of water to create hydropower as an energy source, there will likely be higher demand for energy.

Customers, however, may be called to conserve in the event of an unexpected power emergency, such as much hotter than expected weather or the unplanned loss of a power plant or transmission line.

SDG&E will send customers a "Flex Alert" on their phones, emails, and on TV, letting them know when it's time to conserve power.

Another SDG&E tool tracks energy use, and notifies customers when usage is exceeded.

Customers can also use a fan instead of an air conditioner, which can save 90 percent on cooling costs.

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