San Diego County 12th Healthiest in California: Report

San Diego County is the 12th healthiest in California, according to a newly released report that investigates and ranks livability across the state.

While San Diego didn't crack the top 10, our county still is among the top 20 percent healthiest in the state.

Education, jobs, housing, physical environment and access to care are among the factors that went into determine the California’s healthiest counties report, according to the study done by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

San Mateo County ranked No. 1. Marin and Santa Clara counties occupy ranks two and three respectively. Sonoma, Napa, Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco and Santa Cruz counties all made it to the top 20 of nearly 60 counties, the report shows.

Lake, Modoc and Alpine counties occupy the last three slots.

Despite the rosy news for many Bay Area counties, researchers found a dark cloud hanging over California. An alarming number of people are falling through the cracks or dying too soon.

“Our country continues to experience an epidemic of drug overdose deaths,” said Abbey Cofsky of the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation. “It’s by far the leading cause of death among those between 25-44 years old. Nearly five million between the ages of 16 and 24 are not in school, and don’t have jobs.

The researchers urged people to use the county health rankings to see where they can make changes personally and in their communities.

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