San Diego Woman to Turn 100 After Surviving COVID-19

Elinor Lamade turns 100 years old on Aug. 7 and is considered among San Diego's oldest COVID-19 survivors.

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A San Diego woman is celebrating two major milestones: her 100th birthday and beating COVID-19.

Elinor Lamade is among San Diego's oldest coronavirus survivors. Her daughter Sarah Lamade said the secret is all in her mother's attitude.

“As far as I was concerned, I would be a survivor. And damn it, I was too,” said Elinor on Wednesday, two days ahead of her 100th birthday.

Elinor first came to San Diego as a Naval officer's wife during World War II. Decades later she returned to support her daughter's successful battle with breast cancer.

As far as I was concerned I would be a survivor, and damn it, I was too

Elinor Lamade

“And you wanted to be out here in time for my chemo, remember?” questioned Sarah Lamade to her mother. “Mhmm, yup,” replied Elinor.

Following the passing of the “last great romance of her life,” George, a retired public-school teacher, Elinor moved to Stellar Care in the College Area.

Born in 1920 the feisty great-grandmother has lived through a century of changes.

“We were hoping she’d make it to this milestone and hoping and planning to have a big party with relatives, but obviously it’s not going to happen with COVID,” said Sarah Lamade.

In April, Elinor and her family were surprised when she tested positive for COVID-19. Immediately she was moved to the assisted living center's isolation floor. Sarah Lamade worried as her mother has a lung condition, but Elinor was asymptomatic.

“The lung condition makes her subject to pneumonia and that was another reason why I was concerned because of the damage COVID does to the lungs,” said Sarah Lamade.

After spending time in isolation Elinor then tested negative twice and now is considered a COVID-19 survivor.

“I’m looking forward to having as much ice cream as I can eat in one serving,” said Elinor ahead of her 100th birthday.

While Elinor’s centennial will be celebrated differently this year, her radiant outlook and healthy lifestyle is credited as the secret to her success. As well as her favorite mantra.

“Don’t do anything to embarrass the family, that’s right!” proudly exclaimed Elinor.

Elinor is described by her family as being adventurous and positive, she’s traveled the world and has always kept a joyful spirit.

On Wednesday, San Diego Councilmember Georgette Gomez and the rest of the City Council honored Elinor with a framed recognition of her major milestone.

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