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5 SDSU Football Players Have Chickenpox

Five members of the San Diego State University (SDSU) football team have contracted the chickenpox virus, a university spokesperson confirmed Monday.

As a precautionary measure, the university canceled practice to scrub down and disinfect the locker room, training room and other shared spaces, Mike May with the SDSU Athletic Department said.

There have been no other cases reported, May said. SDSU Spokeswoman Gina Jacobs said the cases are contained to just the team and not the general school population. 

May would not release names of the individuals affected. The student-run newspaper on campus identified three of the players as an offensive lineman and two linebackers. 

Athletics and Student Health Services officers are working together to monitor student-athletes and identify any possible additional cases.

"We are in communication with County Public Health Services and will be working with them as needed going forward," Jacobs said in a statement.

The virus can be deadly. Symptoms appear one to two days before the telltale rash. They include a fever, loss of appetite, headache, and fatigue, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

The San Diego County Department of Public Health recommends all children get two doses of the chickenpox vaccine and adults over 60 get the shingles vaccine.

The vaccine is also among the list of recommended immunizations on the university's Student Health Services website. 

For information on chickenpox, shingles, and immunizations, you can call the San Diego Health and Human Services Agency at 866-358-2966 or go here.

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