Stadium, Riverfront Park Proposed by City Councilmember

A new proposal for the property that lies between Friars Road and the transit line west of Interstate 15

A San Diego city councilmember called for voter approval of any stadium plan Wednesday as he unveiled his suggestion on what a new NFL stadium could look like in Mission Valley.

An artist’s rendering shows a possible new look for the property that lies between Friars Road and the transit line west of Interstate 15 where the current Qualcomm Stadium stands.

The image suggests residential, commercial and retail spots added to land that currently houses just The Q and a parking lot. If built to spec, the total cost of entire project if built to spec would be $4 billion.

"This would be a go-to spot, whether a game or not, with all the nightlife and other amenities happening," said San Diego City Councilman Scott Sherman.

A Citizen Stadium Advisory Committee put together by Mayor Kevin Faulconer has already chosen the current site in Mission Valley as the best location for a new stadium.

The San Diego Chargers, who have announced they are considering building a joint-use stadium with the Oakland Raiders in Los Angeles, have said they prefer a downtown stadium.

The advisory committee said they will release a financing plan sometime in May.

San Diego City Councilmembers Sherman and Chris Cate, along with members of the San Diego River Park Foundation, presented their suggestions for how to use the Mission Valley property.

Sherman said the recommendations were pulled together by his staff after several town hall meetings with constituents.

He said his team has submitted the following recommendations to the advisory group:

  • There should be no cost to the general fund
  • There should be an iron-clad commitment for the Chargers to stay for the duration of any bond
  • A 20-acre park should be included in any proposal
  • Planners should consider future traffic issues in the area
  • Voters need to approve the plan
  • Any proposal must include the River Park Master Plan
  • The Chargers should pay market-rate rent for use of the land

Sherman said he has a financing plan that he would submit to the committee for consideration.

"If you venture with a developer, then they would have the access to the private sector to create the necessary debt and equity to develop the project. This is what they do," said Gary London with the London Group, who worked with Sherman to put together the numbers.

Read the details of his financial plan here.

Just last week, the City of San Diego and San Diego County officials decided to team up to look at stadium options and split the costs to develop that plan.

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