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San Diego Rep. Introduces Bill Protecting Door-to-Door Mail Delivery

San Diego-area congresswoman Susan Davis (D-49) re-introduced a bill this week that would protect door-to-door delivery by the USPS, which would save people like Vicki Granowitz a world of trouble.

The North Park resident recently broke her leg, suffered a concussion and lost her two front teeth when a driver ran a stop sign while she was crossing the street and hit her.

Getting to the mailbox right outside her door is hard enough. She can’t imagine what it would take out of her if she had to trek to a locker box like some other San Diegans have to do.

“It's part of what makes people feel like they are alive and connected to the outside world,” Granowitz said of her 6-days-a-week mail fetching routine.

She also says getting mail delivered to your door is a necessity for people her age.

“It may seem like it's not important to somebody in their twenties but let them get into their sixties and seventies,” she said.

While Granowitz can’t fathom a life without a daily delivery of crispy white envelopes to her doorstep, people like Richard Rider with the San Diego Tax Fighters thinks the USPS is in over its head and delivery should be relegated to one day a week.

“The U.S. post office raises the bar for inefficiency,” Rider said. He argues that physical mail is becoming less and less a part of our lives and says door-to-door delivery should only be available for those who really need it.

According to Rider, the USPS is roughly $15 billion in debt mostly from pensions and benefits.

“We should probably have mail delivery, if we're going to have it, be like trash pick-up,” argues Rider.

Granowitz vehemently disagrees. She says postal workers are still a necessity for San Diegans.

“Particularly for older folks who didn't grow up with the internet,” she said.

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