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San Diego Ranks 47 on List of Most Congested Cities

“There's no short cuts anymore, everybody knows all the shortcuts," one person said

Rush hour is San Diego may not be as bad as other cities in the United States, or even around the world but it still causes a headache for commuters.

According to a study by Inrix, San Diego ranks number 47 on the list of the most congested cities in the world. Topping the list was Los Angeles with drivers spending around 104 hours in traffic, followed by San Francisco in third place, where drivers are stuck 83 hours in traffic.

The study analyzed more than 1,000 cities in 38 countries and based the list off of how many hours drivers spend in traffic.

Although San Diego did not make the top 10 on the list, many drivers NBC 7 spoke with Monday said their commute is usually carefully calculated but still long.

"I have to leave home at about 6:30 and get here at around 7:45 sometimes,” said Chula Vista resident Armando Duron.

Duron told NBC 7 that he commutes from Chula Vista to Kearny Mesa every day and spends about two hours a day, sitting in rush hour traffic.

“There's no short cuts anymore, everybody knows all the shortcuts," one person said.

For some residents, traffic has become a normal part of their commute.

"I just try to relax, take a deep breath and sit through it," said College Area resident Rich Wayman.

"I'm used to it now, but it's pretty bad," said Berenice Gil, a Chula Vista resident.

Some local residents expressed their concern over being rear-ended or involved in an accident due to traffic.

"One small accident and then everyone just stops to take pictures and texts all their friends," 10-year-old Hunter Freet told NBC 7.

According to Inrix, traffic congestion cost drivers in the U.S. almost $300 billion in 2016.

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