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San Diego Native Lands Dream Role on NBC's ‘Days Our Lives'

Raven Bowens, who is from San Diego’s Lincoln Park community, was inspired to act by her late grandmother, who supported her big dreams

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A San Diego native from Lincoln Park is living her dream: She recently landed a contract role on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives” and, already, she knows she’s got one big fan smiling down on her.

Actress Raven Bowens said that fan is a lifelong one: her late grandmother.

Raven Bowens with her family.

“The offer happened on my birthday and I ended up starting the job on my grandmother’s birthday,” Bowens told NBC 7. “It kind of felt like an omen that I started the job on her birthday which was April 9.”

Bowens is playing the role of Chanel Dupree on the long-running daytime soap opera. Her character is a stylish socialite from Miami – fierce, headstrong, and sexually fluid.

Bowens’ character is the daughter of Paulina Price who is played by “Sister, Sister” actress Jack’ee Harry, and the granddaughter of Olivia Price who is played by the legendary Marla Gibbs.

If ever there was a man born to be in a soap opera, it’s our LZ. Now sharing the stage with him is the newest star of ‘Days of our Lives’ Jackée Harry, whose character isn’t afraid to stir up afternoon drama. She’s not much like her character in real life, but she does have a reputation for delivering laughs as the first-and-only African American woman to win an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Hear her secrets behind the art of being a good soap opera actor and watch as she puts them into practice with a dramatic, show-stopping ending to the interview. Bravo, Jackée!

Initially, Bowens got turned down for the role. But in early 2021, an opportunity came for her to re-audition for the part.

She landed the gig on her birthday in March and started her TV job in April.

And, along the way, the memory of her grandmother, Pearlie, was there – like always.

Bowens told NBC 7 her grandmother has been a huge inspiration in her life. She helped support her acting dreams and knew she was going to be somebody.

“My grandmother, OMG she was everything,” Bowens said. “She was a singer and performer back in her day. She was always so, so supportive of me and one of my biggest fans. Since she passed, she’s been shining brightly over my career; I wish she was here to see it now.”

Since she's (my grandmother) passed, she's been shining brightly over my career; I wish she was here to see it now.

Raven Bowens, San Diego Native and 'Days of Our Lives' Actress

Not only did the Serra High School (now Canyon Hills High School) graduate have family support along the way, she also had community support.

Bowens spent most of her life growing up in southeast San Diego being raised by a single mom.

She grew up near 55th Street and Imperial Avenue, an area she said is known by locals as the “Four Corners of Death.”

She took dance classes at the Boys and Girls Clubs in Logan Heights and Mountain View and participated in local programs like “6 to 6” and “Circle of Peace.” She’s thankful for her upbringing and is hoping to be an inspiration to all. 

“I love San Diego, and I am forever being a representative of southeast San Diego,” Bowens added.

“Growing up there and dreaming dreams. Right now, I’m living in my dream. I feel so blessed and lucky.”

You can watch Bowens on “Days of Our Lives” on NBC 7 weekdays at 12 p.m. and on Peacock.

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