Military Jet Noise Disturbs Some Residents

Noise caused by military jets flying overhead late at night is becoming a problem for some residents in the Torrey Pines area.

A Carmel Valley woman recorded video of a jet flying over her home near MCAS Miramar and showed the video to NBC 7.

She said the flights occur all day until very late into the night.

Using an app, she even measured the noise which, by her count, is 80 decibels.

“I wake up at 6 in the morning and it’s peaceful and quiet and then all of a sudden,” said Anne Clark. “Once I hear the first one come, that’s my day. Every 30 minutes, ‘Boom.’”

A spokesman from U.S. Rep. Scott Peter's office said they have received a number of calls over the past few weeks about excessively loud jets and helicopters.

When NBC 7 called MCAS Miramar, we received the following statement:

“Usually increased night operations are necessary when units are preparing to deploy or need required night training. Our normal airfield hours fluctuate and are subject to change based on operational requirements. The Marines aboard MCAS Miramar work hard to minimize impacts on the nearby communities and to be good neighbors.”

This is not the first time residents have complained about the noise of military aircraft in the skies over San Diego.

In September 2013, NBC 7 reported on complaints surrounding F/A-18's from MCAS Miramar, flying out of Brown Field.

At that time, Col. Christopher Keane, USMC, the Third Marine Aircraft Wing’s Inspector General said, "We are protecting your right to complain."

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