San Diego

San Diego Increases Fire Staffing Ahead of Heat Wave

The heat wave is creating dangerous fire conditions

With the expected heat wave comes an increased fire danger. That's the reason why the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department (SDFD) is increasing the number of firefighters, engines and staff this weekend.

Several years of drought and the expected high temperatures, strong winds and low humidity are creating dangerous fire conditions, according to the SDFD.

The drought has created a lot of dry underbrush and grass, which combined with the hot weather, are conducive to fast-burning wildfires.

"Increasing staffing and apparatus allow us to deploy additional resources in an effort to keep fires small," interim fire Chief Kevin Ester said. "I strongly encourage residents to do all they can in advance for what we believe will be a very busy summer of fires."

Five brush engines and two water tankers will be staffed starting at 8 a.m. Friday for 12 hours. On Saturday and Sunday, five engines and one tanker will be staffed for 12 hours each day, the SDFD said.

The brush engines are off-road capable and carry more than 500 gallons of water and are staffed by four firefighters each. The tankers carry 3,000 gallons to provide water for fire engines and are staffed by one firefighter.

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