‘Excellent Actor' Stole Thousands While Posing as Attorney

A San Diego woman convicted of grand theft while posing as an attorney was described as an "excellent actor" and "quite dangerous" at her sentencing Friday.

Giuliana Bosco Huerta will spend 13 years and 8 months behind bars for defrauding 10 victims out of more than $57,000.

Huerta was convicted on close to two dozen criminal counts including grand theft, forgery of seal and handwriting, using personal identifying information of another, false impersonation and practicing a profession without a license.

Melvin Fredrick, one of Huerta’s victims, asked the judge to institutionalize the defendant.

The active duty law enforcement officer, told NBC 7 in a previous interview that Huerta stole tens of thousands of dollars by posing as his lawyer.

“Her ability to become anyone or anything that she sees fit to meet that moment, it’s flawless,” Fredrick told the court Friday. “She’s quite dangerous.”

Huerta’s former spouse told the court she has to file for bankruptcy because of the “nightmare” the defendant put her through.

“We trusted you and this is what you did to us,” the defendant's ex said in a written statement.

When given the chance to address the judge, Huerta cried and maintained her innocence. She asked to be allowed to return to Wisconsin where she has relatives.

Huerta's defense attorney said her client has been diagnosed as bipolar and needs to be on medication.

She was ordered to pay restitution to victims including $40,500 to Fredrick.

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