Groupon Ranks San Diego No. 2 City for Night Owls

According to Groupon, America's Finest City is a hit among those who like to hit the town late at night

Bring on that late-night Happy Hour: San Diego has been ranked among the top cities in the nation for night owls.

Groupon has released a list of the top 10 cities in America for night owls and it turns out San Diego ranks No. 2, just after Hartford, Connecticut (that’s right, the “Insurance Capital of the World”).

Groupon says the rankings were compiled by analyzing sales data for offers on late-night deals such as beer and wine – deals often used by those who like to hit the town at night.

In Hartford, for example, Groupon says customers buy deals for breweries and wineries more frequently than any other market.

After Hartford and San Diego, these other cities, in order, rounded out Groupon's list of “Top Cities for Night Owls”: Charlotte; Sacramento; Grand Rapids, Mich.; Omaha; Louisville; Washington, D.C.; Indianapolis; Columbus.

Groupon also ranked the “Top Cities for Morning People” based on data from offers on things like coffee and breakfast. San Diego did not make that cut.

Instead, that list says Minneapolis is the No. 1 city for early risers, followed by: Austin; Denver; Chicago; Kansas City, Mo.; Dallas; Phoenix; Portland, Ore.; Boston; Nashville.

Where is your favorite night owl spot in San Diego? Share in the comments section below the article.

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