San Diego Dog Owner May Face Charges in Temecula Dog Attack

A San Diego dog owner may face charges after her dog attacked a group of children playing in Temecula, officials said Monday.

One of three children injured in the mauling was flown to San Diego for medical treatment.

A dog described as an American Bulldog was visiting a Temecula home Saturday afternoon when the dog mistook kids playing as aggressive action, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

The dog attacked one child and when the other two children tried to help, the dog came after them as well, officials said.

The two-year-old dog was being held in quarantine while the investigation was ongoing.

His owner, a resident of San Diego, may face charges if the investigation reveals there is a previous history of the dog attacking children.

Monqunec Middleton, Animal Control Supervisor for Animal Friends of the Valley told NBC Los Angeles that the owner said there was no previous sign of aggression by the dog and doesn’t want the dog to lose his life over this.

Two boys and a girl suffered injuries described as punctures and tears to their arms and legs. There are various reports of the children's ages ranging from 3 to 16. 

Middleton said it appears the owner left the dog with the family.

“Dogs do what dogs do,” Middleton said adding that she would lock up her own dog before leaving the animal unsupervised with children.

“I’ve done this for a long, long time and the sweetest dog in the world, put in the right situation, will bite,” she said.

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