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Where to Find Free Sandbags in San Diego County

Boy scoops sand into sandbags

Municipalities in San Diego County want residents to be prepared for several days of rain expected in the forecast this week that could bring flash flooding.

Free sandbags are being offered at areas across San Diego County and locations can be found through the county's interactive map. Click here to use the tool

The city of Chula Vista is offering up to 10 free sandbags to their residents. Bags can be picked up at the Public Works yard at 1800 Maxwell Rd. No sandbags are offered at fire stations.

A storm is expected to drench San Diego, so families were prepping by filling sandbags. NBC 7's Gaby Rodriguez reports.

National City is offering its residents 10 free sandbags with proof of residency from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at three locations. People will need to bring their own shovel or scooping device to fill the empty bags at the following locations:

National City Fire Station #31
2333 Euclid Avenue, National City

National City Fire Station #34
343 East 16th Street, National City

Boys and Girls Club
1430 D Ave, National City, 91950

In the city of San Diego, up to 10 empty sandbags are being offered to those with proof of residency. San Diegans can obtain sandbags from 1 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and noon to 2 p.m. on weekends at the following locations: 

Council District 1
Standley Recreation Center
3585 Governor Drive, San Diego 92122

Council District 2
Robb Athletic Field
2525 Bacon St., San Diego 92107

Council District 3
Golden Hill Recreation Center
2600 Golf Course Drive, San Diego 92102

Council District 4
Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center
6401 Skyline Drive, San Diego 92114

Council District 5
Scripps Ranch Recreation Center
11454 Blue Cypress Drive, San Diego 92131

Council District 6
North Clairemont Recreation Center
4421 Bannock Ave., San Diego 92117

Council District 7
Allied Gardens Recreation Center
5155 Greenbrier Ave., San Diego 92120

Council District 8
San Ysidro Community Activity Center
179 Diza Road, San Diego 92173

Council District 9
City Heights Recreation Center
4380 Landis St., San Diego 92105

The city is making its own preparations ahead of potential flooding, including adding "no parking" signs in flood-prone areas and cleaning drains and inlets. 

Residents were asked to do the same. Simple steps like sweeping out debris from storm drains and gutters, securing trash bins and not driving on flooding roadways could keep residents safe during flooding emergencies, the city of San Diego said. 

Residents can report events such as flooding or downed trees by using the Get It Done application or by calling 619-527-7500. 

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