San Diego County Board of Supervisors

San Diego County Board of Supervisors Tipping Blue

While the San Diego County Board of Supervisors is technically non-partisan, it looks like for the first time in almost three decades the majority of the board could be flipped from Republican to Democrat


As of Thursday afternoon, none of the three supervisors races that were up for grabs have been called yet, but it is clear that District 1 is going to flip from a Republican seat to a Democrat because both the candidates in that race are Democrats. In the District 3 Supervisor's race, the latest numbers show Democratic candidate Terra Lawson-Remer is up 59% to Republican incumbent candidate Kristin Gaspar's 40%.

While Gaspar has not conceded, if Lawson-Remer ends up victorious, this would flip the County Board of Supervisors from a Republican majority to a Democratic one for the first time in more than 30 years. Nathan Fletcher was the lone Democrat on the board prior to the election.

"It was just two years ago, I was joining the board as the only Democrat and people would sometimes tease me and say the board of supervisors was non-partisan and I would say no its uni-partisan, it was all five Republicans, but I think that the demographics have clearly shifted and it just took awhile for the elections to come up and the sequence in order to bring about the change," Fletcher said.

District 5 Supervisor Jim Desmond was not up for election this year. If Gaspar ends up losing, he'll be the last of the previous board's Republicans left standing. Desmond and Fletcher will both be the most senior supervisors on the board with two years each under their belts by January when the rest of the new supervisors take their seats.

"The majority is going to be all from the urban areas now and the minorities. Myself and whoever wins in District 2, we represent the unincorporated areas and that’s where our streets, our roads, our parks...many of our resources, the fires tend to happen out there and new housing and things like that, so we have to make sure the unincorporated areas get the love and attention that they need," Desmond said.

As of Thursday, the District 2 board of supervisors race is very close with two Republican candidates: Poway mayor Steve Vaus has 51% of the votes and former State Senator Joel Anderson has 49%.

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