Report of Shots Fired at Clairemont Home

San Diego Police surrounded a home Monday in the Clairemont area after a report of shots fired.

Officers arrived to the home on Gila Avenue at 11 a.m. The neighborhood is south of Clairemont Mesa Boulevard and west of Clairemont Drive.

As they arrived, officers tried to pull over a black and red car that was driving away from the area. The driver and passenger inside the vehicle jumped out and ran away on foot, police said.

Officers searched the area near Cole Street and Clairemont Drive for two men. No arrests were made.

Two residents who ran out of the home during the shooting were briefly detained by police for questioning. 

"It's extremely scary," said one neighbor who asked to be identified as Collette. She’s lived across the street from the suspect’s home for about 17 years.

She and her daughter, Desiree, have called the police on several other occasions for suspicious activity.

On Monday, they heard several shots before two groups of people ran from the house and got into two different cars.

Other nearby residents said the incident doesn't make them feel safe and were upset that police had released the residents.

Police said they did not have enough evidence to enter the home Monday but they will be investigating. Residents of the home declined to comment to NBC7.

No other information was available.

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