San Diego Bride's Wallet Stolen on Wedding Day

A San Diego bride's wedding day turned into a nightmare, when someone stole from her while she was getting married.

Michelle Wilcox Tietz and her new husband exchanged vows June 7 in the Pala Mesa Resort in Fallbrook.

During the ceremony, she says someone broke into her bridal suite and took her wallet.

"Someone knew I was a bride, getting married and went in and took my stuff and knew they wouldn't be discovered,” she said.

She admits the room was “definitely chaotic” with family members coming in and out but she said she knew exactly where her purse was before the ceremony because she had to pay the makeup artist.

The next morning as the newlyweds stopped at a gas station, she realized her wallet was missing.

“That’s how we started our honeymoon,” Tietz said.

Through her bank's mobile app, she found $1400 in charges beginning at a gas station along State Route 76 and then at a number of stores in Escondido including Target, T.J. Maxx, Albertsons and CVS.

She’s hoping someone will come forward with information on the suspect and contact the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department in Fallbrook.

Tietz has even posted surveillance images from one of the stores to her Facebook page and has received a few potential leads.

“Please, somebody knows her. If she’s done it to me, I can’t even imagine it’s the first time she’s done it,” she said.

Michelle Wilcox Tietz says as she was exchanging vows with her now husband and enjoying her reception in Fallbrook someone broke into her bridal suite and took her wallet. NBC 7’s Mark Mullen reports.

Luckily, her passport and checkbook were in a suitcase along with some cash so she and her husband were able to still go to Canada for their honeymoon.

Tietz said the Pala Mesa resort and its head of security have been more than helpful.

Even so, the incident marred what should be a happy memory.

“I’m always going to remember that my wallet was stolen from the bridal suite,” she said.

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