Construction of San Diego Airport ‘Parking Plaza’ to Shut Down Terminal 2 Lot

The 21-month closure will make way for the airport's new "Parking Plaza," a parking area set to open in summer 2018 boasting nearly 3,000 spaces and other unique features

San Diego Airport Authority

A large portion of the Terminal 2 parking lot at the San Diego International Airport will soon be closed as construction crews begin work on a new, large-scale project designed to enhance parking around the busy terminal.

According to the San Diego Airport Authority, the current lot at Terminal 2 at Lindbergh Field will be closed beginning Aug. 6. For the time being, travelers who use Terminal 2 can access limited parking near the terminal via McCain Road or use alternate lots.

During this closure, crews will begin construction of the airport’s new $127.8 million “Parking Plaza,” an area that will eventually include 2,901 “close-in” parking spaces – spots that are within walking distance to Terminal 2 when the parking structure opens to the public in summer 2018.

At a news conference Wednesday, Bob Bolton, director of airport design and construction, said the Parking Plaza will span 1 million square feet across three levels. It will increase the net parking in the area by about 1,800 stalls. Of the 3,000 spaces, 1,740 will be covered parking – the first time Lindbergh Field has had covered spaces.

Bolton said the features of the Parking Plaza will be unique – and it’ll be more than just a parking structure. This will include safe pathways for pedestrians, as well as crosswalks that will take travelers directly from the plaza to Terminal 2.

“Light wells” will allow lots of natural light into the structure, too.

“The building is very inviting, very open,” Bolton explained.

The plaza will also include seven glass-back elevators so riders can see out of the cab and people can see in, creating a safer experience for those taking the elevator.

Bolton said public art may also be installed inside the Parking Plaza. A portion of the plaza will boast a view of the harbor and downtown San Diego skyline, creating a fun photo opportunity for travelers looking to take a quick break and snap a selfie.

The Parking Plaza is also expected to have environmental benefits by reducing air emissions caused by cars that are circulating and idling while searching for an available parking space.

Bolton said construction of the Parking Plaza will last approximately 21 months.

During this time, technology experts will also be developing a smartphone app that will eventually help customers who park in the plaza reserve, locate and pay for parking spaces via their mobile devices.

Bolton said that by 2035, the airport will need 7,000 “close-in” spaces within walking distance to the terminals. This Parking Plaza will create at least half of those. He said the new parking area will have minimal impact on traffic around the airport.

For now, while Terminal 2 parking area is shut down, Bolton said travelers should use the Airport’s new website, UpgradeYourParking, to reserve parking spots prior to heading to Lindbergh Field.

He said the Airport Authority plans to keep the public informed on parking during construction via the website, and with plenty of signage around the airport indicating how to get to the temporary parking areas. The website also includes a map of the airport parking lot and renderings of the Parking Plaza.

For now, alternate parking areas at the airport include:

• Terminal 1 and 2 valet service with curbside drop-off ($40 per day)
• Terminal 1 lot ($32 per day)
• Terminal 2 limited parking off McCain Road ($32 per day)
• Long-term Lot at 3015 N. Harbor Dr. ($20 per day)
• Economy Lot at 3302 Pacific Highway and Washington Street ($13 per day)

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