Return of Live Music Brings Sense of Normalcy to SD

The return of live music is bringing some normalcy back to many San Diegans

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Live music is officially back for the summer -- bringing a taste of normalcy back to a community eagerly awaiting some change.

“It’s great to get out and do something for a change,” said Barbara Morten, a San Diego resident.

Thousands of music lovers were thrilled to line up at Petco Park and get in to see Ziggy Marley.

“This is exciting, really exciting,” said Morten. “We are here early so that's how excited we are.”

This weekend marks the first time since the pandemic started that the park hosts a live music event this size. 

“[I’m] super excited, super pumped to get to see Ziggy perform bob tonight,” said Jeff Quiseng, San Diego resident. “It’s the first show in a long time and I think everyone is just itching to get out.”

Concert staff estimate about 7,000 people attended Saturday night’s concert with the Beach Boys and another 7,000 were back for Ziggy Marley on Sunday.

“The shows are both sold out and people are just excited to get back to live music,” said Jaclyn Lasch, vice president of special events at Petco Park.

Also benefiting from the return of concerts are local restaurants near the park.

“It was pretty busy out here,” said Tessa Pinto, a supervisor at Lolita’s Mexican Food. “We saw tons of people having fun for the first time in what feels like forever.”

After a difficult pandemic year, the restaurant is happy to see the crowds coming back. 

“It’s nice to have a sense of stability,” said Pinto. “To make sure we are taken care of, customers are taken care of."

Also seeing a boost in sales this weekend is City Tacos

“We’ve definitely been busier than what we usually are on weekends with the concerts in,” said Adan Montaño, manager at City Tacos.

Live music returning the lively spirit San Diego's downtown area had been missing.

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