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Retired Couple In the Midst of a Medical Emergency Lands Much Needed Airline Refund

South San Diego couple says they needed NBC 7 Responds’ help to get a third-party travel website to refund their money.

In April of this year, San Diego couple Raul and Milben Tuano had decided on the location for their annual vacation: Northern Europe. The South San Diego couple booked a package with a tour company and booked their flight using the third party website,

But then tragedy struck.

After 20 years in remission, Milben’s cancer had returned.

“Cancer came back after 20 years, 20 years remission,” Raul told NBC 7 Responds. “That same week we decided, you know, we're not gonna go on the trip.”

Raul called the tour company to cancel. The tour company agreed to refund all but the $500 deposit. Raul then called in hopes of getting the couple’s $1,548 they spent on airline tickets.

“I gave them everything, doctor's appointments, blood tests, MRI and C.T. scans, said Raul. “I submitted all the documentation and they just, you know, they say they're going to bring it to the higher management and then they're going to review it.”

But Raul says higher management never called him back.

Over the course of the following two months Raul said he would spend as long as an hour calling in hopes of getting his refund, all while making sure Milben was taken care of.

“Meanwhile, I have to take care of my wife, said Raul. “Every time she has chemo, I would have to take care of her, get her stuff, water or anything that she wants or needs. The stress, the emotional stress was adding up, you know, because I can't get a refund.”

After two months of trying, Raul’s friend offered a suggestion.

“A friend of mine told me to call NBC 7 Responds,” said Tuano. “So I did.”

NBC 7 Responds contacted and sent all the necessary documents.

Two weeks later Tuano got a phone call.

“ called in the middle of the night,” said Tuano. “I knew it had to be good news. They told me that decided to refund my money. I was so happy.”

Not long after Raul and Milben received the $1,548 they paid for the flights.

In a statement, told NBC 7 Responds wrote, “By taking in all the inconvenience and hassle that they have experienced into consideration, we have offered them a full refund of the flight ticket. Customer satisfaction is our top concern. We thank both them and you for your emails and strive to continuously improve our services.”

Raul said he and Milben owe it to NBC 7 Responds. “If not for NBC 7 Responds, I've got my refund. Thanks for your help.”

Raul and MIlben say they are now planning a new vacation to Maui, something a bit closer to home.

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