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How One Vietnamese Restaurant Chain is Adapting to Pandemic Restrictions in San Diego

Pho Ca Dao Vietnamese Kitchen runs seven locations in San Diego County and is working hard to adapt to changes impacting the restaurant chain

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Restrictions and guidelines are changing all the time for restaurants, it’s hard for local restaurant owners to keep up. Imagine having to keep track of all the protocols for not one, but seven restaurants to help keep everyone safe.

Pho Ca Dao, Vietnamese Kitchen has seven locations across San Diego County.

A new location in Escondido was 80% complete but once COVID-19 hit, construction was stopped. The owner really doesn’t know when it’ll be finished or when it'll finally open up for customers.

The location in Mission Valley opened its doors just two weeks before it was forced to temporarily close because of COVID-19.

Like restaurants all over San Diego and beyond, all seven of the Pho Ca Dao locations have had to make a lot of adjustments, now that people can only eat outside.

In Mission Valley, it starts the moment you check out the menu outside the front door.

There, you put in your order and walk around the building to the patio, and that cuts down on any time spent inside and chatting with your server.

The restrooms are the only reason why any customer would come inside, and since the tables can’t be used inside, some have been moved outside.

“Basically every store has a different set up so we have to keep updating, call the health department almost every day and see what’s changed, so we can implement that change,” owner Duke Huynh explained.

Pho Ca Dao is a family-run business and the owner told NBC 7 business has been down 50% since the pandemic began.

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