Rescued Pit-Bull Sniffs Out Danger

A San Diego dog trainer says he's never seen anything like it

A family pet has turned into a working dog. But it’s the breed and potential life saving task it performs that makes this story truly remarkable.

Parents with children who have severe peanut allergies know just how dangerous one mistake can be and as a result they often live their lives in a constant state of fear. A family in New York will soon be able to breath a little easier thanks to a transformation that is taking place in San Diego.

“Layla,” a 10-month-old pit-bull mix that was rescued, sniffed her way through the aisles of Ace Hardware on a treasure hunt with celebrity dog trainer Mike Stone.

"Show me, show me where it is. Good girl Layla," Stone said to the pooch, who was searching for M&M's.

The M&M's contained peanuts -- the one thing 6-year-old Grey Sheer of Manhattan, New York can't have or even get near.

"They were on a flight once that had peanuts in a back row and the son started to have an allergic reaction and they ended up stopping the flight," said Stone.

Stone first met Layla at Snug Pet Resort, which he co-owns with former Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson.

“The family, visiting from New York, was simply looking for a place to care for their dog while they went to a local theme park," said Stone. "And just happened to ask if it was possible to teach the dog to do search work for peanuts."

Taking the sweet natured family dog and turning her into a working service dog has been no easy task.

"When I first met Layla, she was more interested in lying in the bed and getting snuggle time than going out and working hard," said Stone.

But after months of living and working with Stone, the dog is now sniffing and pointing out everything from sandwiches to candy bars. She recently sniffed out peanut crumbs that Stone estimates had been there for six months.

"I don't know if there's another pit-bull or pit-bull mix that has been trained to do this, it might very well be the first," said Stone.

Layla is set to rejoin her family in New York very soon, Stone said.

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