Rats, Weeds, and Squatters: City of Oceanside Tackles Abandoned House

Neighbors say they complained for years with little help but finally convinced the city to start the abatement process.

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The new year is bringing welcome news to an Oceanside neighborhood where people have complained for years about an abandoned home full of overgrown bushes, weeds, and rats.

The city of Oceanside filed an application for an abatement warrant in superior court, which will allow them to enter the property and clean it up.

"I see it every day and every day it annoys me more and more and more," said Lou Archbold who walks his dog past the home.

The house located at 2368 Back Nine Street has a backyard view of the El Camino Country Club but has a front yard resembling an overgrown forest of weeds, palm trees, and bushes.

Neighbors also recently alerted the city about the front door being ajar and feared squatters may have taken over.

One neighbor has security footage of people recently entering the backyard.

The owner of the record, according to the court filing, is Michelle Lyons, but neighbors say she hasn't been seen in their community for years.

"Don't know if they're in custody, deceased, gave up?" said Archbold who is credited by his neighbors with being the "squeaky wheel" who finally got the city's attention.

Once a judge approves the abatement warrant, the city will have 14 days to clean up the house.

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